Have you seen Maiden, Mother, Crone?


Her handwriting
was so pretty
and graceful
not print
penmanship was
an accomplishment
when she grew up
graceful and perfect loops and swirls
and now she grasps the pen
between swollen arthritic fingers
and everything
looks like a second grader
learning to write
tentative and uneven
jagged and sloppy
but she is concentrating
carefully forming each letter
it just doesn’t work
instead jerkiness and no smooth flowing letters
her fingers and hands just
can’t hold the pen
control the movement
and she can’t change a thing


She stared at the blank walls
the one above the couch
there was a faint large rectangle
that looked like a spot of sun
lighter than the rest of the wall
other walls
looked empty
I look down at her small
questioning face
where did the dolphins go?
where are their pictures?
with your daddy
but I want them here
why did he take them?
large poster sized Talbot dolphins
a present to me
now a sacrifice
to keep more important things
and she wants to know why

Naked and healing

I think we
are all naked and healing
embrace the naked
and move on