Have you seen Maiden, Mother, Crone?

I’ve missed you

The first snow an inch maybe two bundled up I drop on my back in the snow and slowly begin making a snow angel I’ve missed you

At the end of a day

Let me close my eyes at the end of a day in the hills doors open breezes blow in scent of pine and clean air has no unnatural smell here and I hear an owl calling in the trees marking his territory looking for dinner as I drift off to...

Why do I write poetry

Why do I write poetry? it is cheaper than doctors pharmaceuticals drugs alcohol it soothes my soul speaks my truth and actually if you piece all of the poems together you will know my story

Melt me

He slides into bed reaches over and pulls her close heat warming her he gently kisses her neck and she whispers melt me

Sleeping on my belly

I am going to be decadent tonight I will curl up in my bed and roll over on my belly I will lay there and stretch my back towards the ceiling I may drool onto the pillow a little You can’t do that sleeping on your back I may sleep this way all night on my belly...