Have you seen Maiden, Mother, Crone?

Shadows and darkness

Today I woke up to shadows not really surprised the darkness was seeping in last night the darkness is comfortable the weight of it safe pressing everything else out }including the words it is all silent in the darkness then the shadows come they keep me tethered to...


Naked in bed legs intertwined feet lazily caressing under the sheets side by side touching and reading our books together on a lazy Sunday afternoon


When did he quit I think it was long before I was born when he decided settling was better easier than striving and life was simply something to wait out ~ Amba Elieff


Her handwriting was so pretty and graceful cursive not print penmanship was an accomplishment when she grew up graceful and perfect loops and swirls precise and now she grasps the pen between swollen arthritic fingers and everything looks like a second grader learning...


She stared at the blank walls the one above the couch there was a faint large rectangle that looked like a spot of sun lighter than the rest of the wall other walls looked empty I look down at her small questioning face where did the dolphins go? where are their...