Have you seen Maiden, Mother, Crone?


When did he quit I think it was long before I was born when he decided settling was better easier than striving and life was simply something to wait out ~ Amba Elieff


Her handwriting was so pretty and graceful cursive not print penmanship was an accomplishment when she grew up graceful and perfect loops and swirls precise and now she grasps the pen between swollen arthritic fingers and everything looks like a second grader learning...


I am not a child I do not need a babysitter if you must treat me like a teenager I will text before I leave I will text when I get there I will text when I leave I will text when I get home and you don’t have to worry and I get to be free a little...


The power of touch they miss it young and old single or widowed divorced selfless touch no expectation of anything in return and they whisper I forgot what it feels like to be touched

The tug of war

A tug of war that never ends children on one side parents on the other children growing up pulling away having their own lives later aging parents now pulling their end trying to hold onto...