Have you seen Maiden, Mother, Crone?

Shadows and darkness

Today I woke up to shadows not really surprised the darkness was seeping in last night the darkness is comfortable the weight of it safe pressing everything else out }including the words it is all silent in the darkness then the shadows come they keep me tethered to...


When did he quit I think it was long before I was born when he decided settling was better easier than striving and life was simply something to wait out ~ Amba Elieff


How do you learn to trust after you have been taught not to that question touches everything if you let it


I am not a child I do not need a babysitter if you must treat me like a teenager I will text before I leave I will text when I get there I will text when I leave I will text when I get home and you don’t have to worry and I get to be free a little...


The power of touch they miss it young and old single or widowed divorced selfless touch no expectation of anything in return and they whisper I forgot what it feels like to be touched