Have you seen Maiden, Mother, Crone?

In my imagination as I got older
There would be laughter there
A full cabin with children scampering
Sleeping on screened in porches
Listening to the whippoorwills
Calling to the owls

Then I stopped and I looked at my imagination
And I thought about the long drive from anywhere my kids scatter to
And I thought about the weather and driving to the cabin
In the woods

Away from everywhere except the woods
And I realized that like the Old Man in the Cave
I would spend many holidays alone
Grandchildren may not find my screened in porch and the whippoorwills exciting enough
My children may not have time to go out of their way to visit
Time is elusive once you have children

In my imagination as I got older
I would build a cabin in the woods
And it would be small and cozy
And my children can visit
But I am okay if I am all alone