Have you seen Maiden, Mother, Crone?

The falling snow lay heavy and wet on the hemlock and pine
weighing the limbs pushing them toward the earth.
The snow whispers to them, this is how she feels when she is sad and depressed
rooted unable to move
Trapped like she is held by something she can’t see

The trees sighed
When the spring breezes come our limbs that feel her pain
will lift and give her shelter beneath our boughs
She can crawl beneath and we will teach her how those roots that hold us fast
tie us to the mother earth to nurture us not trap us
She can roll in our soft needles and feel the comfort and smell the love of the trees and earth
We will show her how to wave her arms like our limbs in the wind and free herself
The wind in our boughs will whisper to her how much she is loved and a part of all that is…